The REACHOUT Team are delighted to be attending the upcoming Global Symposium on Health Systems Research which will be held in Liverpool, UK on the 8-12 October 2018. The symposium is a great place to learn more about community health programmes and to showcase work from our project to an audience of researchers, policy makers and practitioners from around the world. We are looking forward to catching up with colleagues from the Thematic Working Group on Supporting and Strengthening the Role of Community Health Workers in Health Systems Development. Do come to our sessions and meet the team!


Wednesday 10th October

Session Type  Title of Session  Presenter  Time  Location
Poster Measuring Quality in Malawi’s Community Health System: Barriers and Challenges Kingsley Rex Chikaphupha, Maryse Kok, Sally Theobald, Meghan Bruce Kumar, Miriam Taegtmeyer, Kate Hawkins  


 ACC Hall 2M, Galleria and Level 3
Panel Session Sharing experiences from CHW research and practice to strengthen leadership and management of community health worker programmes Miriam Taegtmeyer, Kingsley Rex Chikaphupha, David Musoke, Reetu Sharma, Sarita Panday, Amuda Baba, Robinson Karuga 14:00 - 15:30 ACC Hall 2E
Poster “Do you trust that data?” – A mixed-methods study assessing the quality of data reported by Community Health Workers in Kenya and Malawi Regeru Njoroge Regeru, Kingsley Chikaphupha, Meghan Bruce Kumar, Lilian Otiso, Miriam Taegtmeyer  


 ACC Hall 2M, Galleria and Level 3
Panel Session Putting quality at the heart of community health services for maternal, newborn and child health Licia, Vicky, Meghan, Linet and Regeru  

16:00 – 17:30

 ACC Room 1B


Thursday 11th October

Session Type Title of Session Presenter Time Location


When and how do incentives help improve Community Health Workers’ performance? A qualitative multi-county study


Herman Ormel (Presented by Maryse Kok)  


 ACC Hall 2M, Galleria and Level 3
Participatory CHWs provide “second class care” and are a temporary fix to the human resources crisis and health systems constraints  

Organisers:Malabika Sarker, Miriam Taegtmeyer

Chair:Henry V Perry


Dr. Katherin Kyobutungi,  Executive Director APHRC, Kenya

Professor Don De Savigny,  Swiss Tropical Institute, Switzerland

Professor Mushtaque Raza Chowdhury, Vice Chair, BRAC, Bangladesh

Professor Sally Theobald, LSTM

14:00 – 15:30

 ACC Hall 2E

Lightening Oral Session

Ethiopia’s Health Extension Programme: Implications of mobile technology for strengthening community health systems Rosie Steege 16.00 - 17:30 ACC room 11C  


Friday 12th October

Session Type Title of Session Presenter Time Location
Lightning Oral Session Improving the health workforce quality in Indonesia through collaborative approaches between higher education and health system: A proposal of multisectoral actions Licia Limato  

09:00 – 10:30

 ACC room 12  


Quality improvement in community health: A novel approach to improve efficiency and outcomes of Community Health Worker programs in Kenya


Lilian Otiso, Linet Okoth, Nelly Muturi, Robinson Karuga, Regeru Regeru, Meghan Bruce Kumar, Miriam Taegtmeyer 10.30  ACC Hall 2M, Galleria and Level 3


Measuring quality from a community perspective: Using a community follow up tool to measure the quality of community health services at household level in Kenya


Nelly Muturi, Maryline Mireku, Regeru Regeru, Linet Okoth, Vicki Doyle, Miriam Taegtmeyer and Lilian Otiso 12.45   ACC Hall 2M, Galleria and Level 3
Poster Strengthening the community health system in Mozambique: a gender analysis of the Agentes Polivalentes Elementares programme Rosie Steege  


 ACC Hall 2M, Galleria and Level 3


Creating a forum for shared learning and advocacy in strengthening community health systems: Lessons from community-based quality improvement teams in Kenya

Vicki Doyle, Lilian Otiso, Linet Okoth, Regeru Regeru, Nelly Muturi, Maryline Mireku, Anthony Mwaniki, Michael Kimani, Lynda Keeru, Carol Ngunu, Judy Macharia, Meghan Bruce Kumar, Miriam Taegtmeyer 13.15  ACC Hall 2M, Galleria and Level 3
Closing Plenary A panel discussion which will address the issues of exclusion and inclusion in the health systems and how the needs of vulnerable groups can best be met. Sabina Rashid  

16.00 – 17.30

 ACC Main Auditorium















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